a Practical, easy-to-read book that helps you tackle the biggest questions in life.

From forging a personal mission to the value of carrying duct tape, Your Mountain is Waiting is full of practical advice and relatable stories for anyone excited about creating a life well-lived and making the world a better place.  

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About the author

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is a technology CEO who has built and sold several companies. More importantly, he is a father, a husband, and a passionate learner.


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What is the book about?

The world is full of books with catchy, earnest prescriptions on creating a happier and more successful life. However, most of these merely fly over a landscape of positive habits, rarely diving into the challenges or the reasoning behind them. Your Mountain Is Waiting is different. It’s easy-to-read, cliche-free and filled with relatable stories and practical advice, It goes beyond WHAT to do and explains WHY and HOW. It’s about broadening your perspective, taking the initiative, having fun, building lasting friendships, bouncing back from failure, and making the most of your life.

If you are searching for your mission in life or seeking a success more rewarding than money or titles, Your Mountain Is Waiting is the book for you.

The book was written for Nussey’s sons who were graduating from high school and college. But it’s just as valuable for people of any age, from young professionals to retirees, that want to find meaning and fulfillment in their lives. It makes a perfect gift for graduations.
Some thoughts from Your Mountain is Waiting…

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on adventure

“Adventures change us. Acquaintances become lifelong friends. Courage eclipses fear. Perseverance conquers apathy. If even for just a little while, adventures help us become the best versions of ourselves.”

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on initiative

“The wonderful thing about initiative is that it isn’t one of those things you have to be born with.  Taking initiative is a decision anyone can make any day. It’s entirely up to you.

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Stuff happens. Situations change. The trails of life are full of deep holes, sharp sticks and dead ends. The point is that a small amount of preparation can help you avoid huge hassles. So, if you want to be like Batman and be a bit more prepared for the unexpected, here are a few tips that have worked for me…

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on giving back

“Making the world a better place is not a nice-to-have, or something to turn to after you have completed your missions. Making the world a better place is the rent payment for your visit here on planet earth.”